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Spring in Our Step

Hi friends of Man & Witch. As the calendar races towards summer, we are hard at work creating a plan to get the film released. Our hope is to get it meaningfully in front of critics and audiences by mid-summer or fall. We're still waiting on a couple of festival submissions, so we don't have any news to share just yet, but we're really working hard to be able to give you a firm date for the premiere.

In the meantime we are keeping a very heavy calendar of events. We'll be traveling to Munich in May, where Tami will tour the Bavaria Studio where the NeverEnding Story was made. She'll be going there on the invitation of filmmaker Lisa Downs who is making a documentary about the NeverEnding Story. We're really excited about the trip and will be sure to post some pics and any press here when it happens.

Tami is also beginning to attend fan conventions and screenings of the NeverEnding Story as the first stirrings of our promotion of Man & Witch. In two weeks she'll be at a convention in Saratoga Spring New York, where we'll be showing a short trailer of the film, and at the end of May we hope to have her booked at MCM in London. While in London the plan is to do a sneak peek screening for cast, crew, industry, and a test audience.

There is one thing you can do as our friends and supporters to speed the film towards its release. It's only takes about thirty seconds. This link will take you to the Man & Witch IMDB page. On the right side of the page there is a button to 'add this film to your watch list.'

At the moment we have 1.2k people who have added the film to their watch list. We'd like to get that number higher if we can. (If you don't use IMDB, we'll find another way for you to help us soon!)

Will that really help the movie? Yes!

Believe it or not just that tiny step will help us get the movie a wider release. Thanks so much for taking a moment today to do us that little favor, and we promise to have more news soon from Brooklyn.

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